Many wives of sex addicts have a propensity to harbor anger toward their husbands (and others that may be involved in the betrayal). It is only natural for a woman to feel this way upon facing relational unfaithfulness.

Unaddressed anger can lead to bitterness, violence, and other unhealthy inroads—but God provides a way out of this snare. Regardless of what choices a husband makes, a woman can choose to abide in the Lord.

Believers are instructed to not let the sun go down on their anger (Ephesians 4:26) and to pray for and bless those who hurt them (Luke 6:27).

Natalie recalls,

“I was at a week-long Bible camp for teens and began having horrible pain—screaming from the sharp ache in my back. This pain had been flaring up often, but was unbearable on this particular evening. A woman began praying for me; the pain worsened. She sat me down and asked if I was dealing with any anger or anything else I might want to share. Immediately, I told her I was living in a home where everyone fought constantly—we talked harshly to each other and lived in dissension.

The woman pulled out a Bible passage that described praying for and blessing our enemies. I asked God to forgive me for how I was treating my family, then prayed blessings over them. I was instantly healed from my back pain!

I continued to pray for and bless my family each day at the camp. The woman also encouraged me to come in an opposite spirit when I returned home—which I did. With God's help, I spoke kind words to my mother and sisters and refused to get into arguments.

Since I did this, my back pain never returned. Also, over the course of a few weeks, my family's dynamics significantly changed; we are now living lives of love toward one another.”

God's ways are perfect. Holding onto anger and bitterness only brings harm. No matter what hurt anyone does to us, we should always forgive, bless, and pray for the individual. This is not acceptance of sin—it positions the believer to be in right standing with God and also allows Him to work out His justice in the situation. Women should continue to set healthy boundaries and make other appropriate decisions, as needed, with husbands who struggle with a pornography addiction or sexual addiction.

Natalie had a very powerful experience that not all of us will have. Despite our individual outcome, we are always blessed when we do things God's way.