In 2016, Gwyneth Pierce published Restoring the Years: A Healing Workbook for Women Dealing with their Husband's Pornography/Sexual Addiction. This resource provides a biblically-based healing process that has helped countless women find healing through accountability, prayer, meditation, Bible study, and journaling.

Pierce’s new workbook, Restoring the Years: Winning the Battle over Sexual Addiction and Pornography, unveils testimonials of Christian men and women whose lives have spun out of control due to their addictions. Their stories lay bare the destruction of their addictions and conclude with a turning away from sin–a transformation to new life: renewed hope, healing, redemption, and the light of Christ.

Excerpts of the testimonials are juxtaposed with workbook activities through various stages of recovery. Pierce has structured the workbook in such a way that anyone struggling with sin issues will be able to identify and find the encouragement and strength needed to begin the battle for freedom.  

The stories offer reassurance in knowing someone has gone before you: You don’t have to reinvent the recovery wheel. Porn- and sex-addictions may seem insurmountable, but I offer a few of the most harrowing (of of all the testimonials) to indicate how people in the darkest of circumstances emerge victorious over addictions:    

  • A youth pastor whose marriage is destroyed by pornography and a prison sentence for sexual assault.
  • A boy who is molested becomes a young man addicted to pornography, drugs, and promiscuous sex.
  • A girl who is sold into slavery by her mother becomes a victim of sex trafficking, drug addiction, prostitution, and physical abuse.                                                      

The workbook activities, in conjunction with testimonials, show us how God’s Word acts as a healing balm and a sword of strength on the path to recovery. Nothing is sugar coated. Some people relapse during recovery and hit tough times, but the framework of the book prepares the reader with the tools required to prevent relapse, in preparation for the time when the going gets tough.


Major Features of the Workbook

A retelling of the traumatic story of Aaron Ralston, a hiker who, in 2003, took extreme measures to stay alive when his arm became trapped under a boulder–including a compelling analogy of Christ’s message for avoiding sin in Matthew 18:8.

  • A chapter in which God lays down the biblical precepts of his plan for marriage, and a section on strategies for helping wives to recovery from the trauma of their husband’s betrayal.
  • A chapter that asks the question, “Who are you, anyway?” This section prepares you for dealing with rejection, battling against the principalities of darkness, and learning how to become God’s spiritual warrior.
  • A chapter on Bible perspectives, which focuses on intimacy with the Savior, Jesus’ mercy, and forgiveness.
  • And a chapter that explains what all parents should know about nurturing, communication, and dialogue with sons and daughters who are struggling.

All told, there are 12 chapters interspersed with the testimonials. Pierce lays the groundwork for a self-paced group or individual study. All chapters take the reader through Questions for Reflection, journaling exercises that can be completed in the workbook (prolific writers may need an additional journal), action steps, Bible study, and devotional time. An appendix to the book introduces the reader to a club that John and Charles Wesley started in 1729, which is a daily self-examination: Questions that act as a catalyst to check your status in recovery and spiritual growth.   

Pierce asks questions that plumb the depths of your spiritual journey of recovery, walking side-by-side with the love of God and support of those who struggle with you. This workbook offers the promise of God’s restoration (Pierce’s epigram to the work), if only you are ready for a recovery: I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten (Joel 2:25). So, when do you know you are ready?

What Is Your Turning Point?

 “Jacob’s Story” in the workbook describes the point at which he became willing to break the chains of addiction: “When we say, ‘God, I’ll do whatever it takes,’ He takes us seriously. Many men involved in these addictions ultimately won’t do what it takes to be free. An ‘I’ll do whatever it takes to get free’ attitude is essential.” Jacob insists, whether it’s confessing to your spouse or your friend or completely surrendering in repentance, it must become a daily routine to avoid falling, because falling is merely “a click away.”   

Spiritual Brokenness

Jacob came to the point of spiritual brokenness. He was willing to do whatever it took to find freedom. The testimonials in Restoring the Years make it clear that, when we are broken, we are in fertile soil: His power is made perfect when we are at our weakest, Jesus tells us in 2 Corinthians 2:9. Are you vulnerable enough for complete surrender?

G.K. Pierce has structured a powerful conduit to healing, redemption, and intimacy with the Savior. All of us, after all, transgress and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). In this sense, Restoring the Years: Winning the Battle over Sexual Addiction and Pornography is a valuable resource for everyone. I recommend this workbook for anyone struggling with sin, and especially people with sexual addictions. May the light of Christ be in you as you begin your battle, and may his love guide you into his saving grace.

Gwyneth Pierce has a Master’s Degree in Education and she’s a certified Senior Chaplin, which compliments and enhances her craft. Her books are available in digital or paperback formats.